Say hello to Definitely High, our new double-sided eyebrow highlighter pencil. We've been working on this for over a year and are thrilled to share it with you finally.

What is the Definitely High?

The Definitely High is an eyebrow definer & highlighter that allows you to define, contour and visually lift your brows. With its two sides, it's a true multitasker - use the matte side to define and contour and the shimmer side to lift your brows.

What makes the Definitely High so special?

Our Definitely High is special and unique in many ways:


The Definitely High is vegan, cruelty-free and made from 100% natural and 28% organic ingredients. It contains nourishing, soothing and regenerating ingredients such as Vitamin E, Gamma Oryzanol, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, organic carnauba wax & rapeseed oil. Give your brow look that certain something while doing your skin some good in the process.


We spent an exceptionally long time tinkering with the texture. We wanted a product that seemingly melts into the skin while leaving a natural finish. So far, all brow highlighters we bought were either too creamy and immediately "floated away" or too dry and creased into the fine pores and wrinkles.

The concealer side of the Definitely High has just the right creaminess and can be blended perfectly. The silky-smooth highlighter has a cream-to-powder texture and gently blends the skin for a powdery finish with long-lasting coverage.


The Definitely High Define & Highlight comes in three shades, Shade 01, Shade 02 and Shade 03. Shade 01 is ideal for lighter skin tones, shades 02 for medium skin tones, and shades 03 for darker skin tones. All three shades have the same gorgeous universal highlighter color that blends perfectly with any skin tone.


The Definitely High is good on the inside and on the outside. The wooden pencil is made in Italy from PEFC certified wood and has recyclable caps. The product packaging is made in Germany from recycled and recyclable cardboard. Thanks to the short transport distances, we can save additional CO2.

How do you use the Definitely High?

The application is super easy. Depending on your preference, you can use the matte and shimmer sides either alone or in combination with each other.


Apply the matte texture anywhere you want to conceal and define: above and below the eyebrows, on the lower waterline, over imperfections or along the lip line. Use a concealer brush for blending and blend downwards towards the eye from the inner to middle part of the brow and diagonally upward and outward towards the end of the brow. This blending technique will help you achieve the optimal lifting result


Apply the shimmering texture where you want to emphasize something: Brow bone, cheek bone, lip heart, bridge of the nose and inner corner of the eye. Use a fluffy brush to blend, and again blend downwards towards the eye from the inner to middle part of the brow and diagonally upward and outward towards the end of the brow

Our tip:  For a more intense effect, choose one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

We love our new brow highlighter, and we're sure you will too! Grab yours now and leave us your feedback.