Bye, bye 2021!

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and we would like to thank all of you. 2021 was challenging in many ways; a lot happened, both good and not so great. But all these things are part of life and business. Here's our 2021 throwback: 11 facts about us! Did any of them surprise you in particular?

1. In January 2021 we had 3 brow products in our range - now there are 11! But that' not all. Our product categories are also expanding. We now have products in the categories styling, care and grooming. Tell us, do you know all our products?

2. BROWLY goes Retail. Since this year, BROWLY is also available at DOUGLAS, Flaconi, HAGEL Shop, Purish, Parfümerie Pieper, Urban Outfitters (USA & Canada), Dolls Kill, and at many beauty salons and concept stores. We are happy that so many retailers have noticed us and are stocking our products.

3. BROWLY goes travelling 🌎. Did you know, BROWLY is also available in Poland, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, USA & Canada? We are excited to see what everyone thinks of our products!

4. We ❤️ feedback! We have over 500 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-star reviews on Trustpilot and countless loving and praising DMs and comments. We are so proud that you guys love our products as much as we do! Whether it's good or bad feedback, we want to hear it! Your feedback helps us develop new products, improve ourselves and our products, expand our service, and provide you with what you want.

5. At the beginning of the year, our team consisted of two employees, the two founders, Melinda & Amir. However, we are constantly growing. Currently, the BROWLY team consists of 5 people - plus our talented photographer & makeup artist and fabulous freelancers who support us on special projects.

6. BROWLY in the media. 2021 has been an exciting year. Not only did many new customers and retailers take notice of us but also the media. Enthusiastically we found BROWLY in famous magazines like British VOGUE, Instyle, Glamour and desired. We still can hardly believe it!

7. We moved! BROWLY HQ has moved from a small, cute 40sqm office to a beautiful, large loft-like office. Finally, we have enough space for our creative freedom! In the new year, we'll take you behind the scenes. #staytunedformore

8. Desired awarded our brow scissors as the best eyebrow scissors! A true accolade for our brow tools.

9. We believe that beauty should be good for you and good for the planet. We aim to be as sustainable as possible. For example, did you know that our product packaging is made from recyclable cardboard? When developing new products, we use eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

10. The production of our brow brush packaging was faulty. The disappointment was huge when the new packaging of our Duo Brow Brush arrived too small and the brush didn't fit in properly. One thing was clear to us from the beginning: we will not throw anything away!

We put our creative heads together and found a suitable solution after a short time. Do you know which one?

11. BROWLY opens a warehouse in America. We are getting more and more requests from customers in America. To offer our American customers the same fast and effortless shipping, we have recently opened a warehouse in America. What does this mean for you? Quicker and cheaper shipping within the USA! Yippee.

How many of the points did you already know about? All new? Never mind! We're excited about our growing community and will be working together on a new list for 2022. Be part of WOW-Brows by BROWLY.

Happy New Year!