How to use our brow highlighter

Have you met the newest addition to our brow family – Definitely High? It's a double-sided highlighting pencil with a matte and a shimmery side. But it's way more than just a brow highlighter. Here's how you can use it: 


Let's start with the obvious, the Definitely High is the perfect product to define, lift and frame your brows. Use the matte side to draw a fine line under the brow and use a concealer brush to blend it. For a more defined look, follow the same steps to the top of the brow, this time blending upwards. This will really outline the brows and give them that WOW factor. Use the shimmery side to highlight the part directly underneath the arch. Use a fluffy brush for blending. Adding the shimmer to your brows will open up your eye even more and give you an instant brow lift effect.


Next up, the eyes. Use the matte side as a concealer, eyeshadow base or to clean up your eyeliner or any eyeshadow smudges. You can also use the matte side to highlight your waterline. This will make your eyes look bigger and more awake. It's a game-changer! Plus, thanks to the beautiful cream-to-powder texture, the highlighter side can be used as shimmery eyeshadow or to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Again, it's all about that eye-opening WOW effect ;)


Want plumper looking lips? We are all about loving who you are and what you've got. A beauty doc isn't always the only way to get bigger lips – sometimes all you need is a little makeup and some experts tips. ;) Use the matte side to outline your lips, then use the shimmery side to highlight the cupid's bow. This will not only make your lipstick last longer, but the added highlight will give the illusion of fuller lips. Btw, you can also use the matte side as a concealer to visually reduce your nasolabial folds as well as any wrinkles around your mouth & lips.


Love the dewy makeup look? Then adding highlights to your face is a must. Thanks to its unique formula, our Definitely High is the perfect highlighter for both the brows and face. Simply add the highlighter anywhere you want to lift, e.g. on your cheeks bones or the bridge of your nose.


The matte side is perfect for covering any imperfections or redness. The creamy formula blends seemingly into the skin while hiding any unwanted spots. 

Now, if this multi-purpose, brow lifting, eye-opening, lip plumping, face highlighting duo-pencil hasn't made you love it, trying it will;)!

Where can you buy it? You can get your hands on it online here or in our selected retail partners and cosmetic salons. And don't forget, makeup is only as good as the technique and tools used – if you have any questions, be sure to drop our brow experts a DM, e-mail or live chat message.