The flat brow


The flat brow is a trend inspired by Korean beauty. Instead of going for a high arch, flat brows are all about bringing the arch down to give it a straight and relaxed look. It’s a softer and more wearable look that is very flattering and youthful. If your natural brow doesn’t have an arch and you’ve spent years faking it, you’re lucky. Now is the time to rock your naturally flat eyebrows. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner are already loving this trend.


A flat brow is probably the most wearable brow look out there. It suits all of us, especially those who have a long face! The flat eyebrow also somehow reminds us of our teenage eyebrows before we started plucking and shaping them, creating a youthful look that makes us look young and fresh. And let's be honest, who doesn't love that ;) ?!


Do you have flat brows and finally want to style them with ease? Then check out the below steps. Don’t worry if your natural brow shape isn’t flat, we have some tips and tricks on how you can fake it ;)

Step 1
Flat brows don’t have any arch, so its important that you try to style your brows without creating any incline or decline. Use the

BROWLY Brow Booster and the BROWLY Brow Brush to get your brows into shape.

Tip: If your natural eyebrow shape is not flat, style your eyebrows horizontally to create the appearance of a flat eyebrow.

Step 2

Using a brow pencil, fill in any sparse areas or patches. Remember to keep all lines straight, we don’t want to create any arch. In case you have a natural arch, you can use a brow pencil to smoothen and flatten out that arch. This will automatically make your brows look flatter.

ip: leave the top part of your brows as natural as possible to stop things from looking to heavy. Leaving it a little on the natural side will also give you a fluffy and natural finish.

Step 3
Using a highlighter to highlight the bottom part of your brow under the front and tail. This will immediately lift the brow and complete that flat-brow look we’re going for.