Soap Brows hacks for more hold - how your eyebrows last all day and look perfect

Do you have ultra stubborn brow hairs, are you a soap brows newbie, or haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet? Don't worry, once you've mastered the soap brows technique, it's super easy and straightforward to use. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind, especially if you're aiming for that famous ultra-strong hold. With our 7 hacks for more hold, your Soap Brows will last all day.

Hack #1 Clean your brows

Cream, powder, foundation and makeup residue impact the staying power of your brow products. Why? The fats and oils in the products cling around the brows like a film, preventing the brow soap from adhering to the brow hairs. This will cause your brows to fall back into their original shape throughout the day. Plus, the residue can make your brows look dirty and messy. Try making brow styling the first step in your makeup routine. Alternatively, remove any product residue with a cotton swab before styling your brows.

Hack #2 Use a setting spray

Are you wetting your soap brows with water? That might be the reason why they’re not staying in place. Try using a setting spray; this will give you added staying power. Our Face Spritz was specifically developed to activate the Soap Booster as it nourishes your hair and skin and gives you a better hold.

Hack #3 Don’t use too much moisture

Lightly dampen the brow soap or the spoolie, lightly being the key word here. Too much water can foam and sud up the brow soap, which can cause residue and prevent the product from drying. It takes a little bit of trial and error to figure out just how damp the brush or soap needs to be, but start with a little and add more if needed.

Hack #4 Use the right amount of product.

Like with moisture, the right amount of product is key when you want to get a good hold. Pick up a thin layer of product by rubbing the brush over the brow soap. If you don’t want your brow to be waxy or sticky, start with a little bit of product and build it up if needed. If your brows can’t be tamed, go ahead and load on some more. Multiple coats of soap brows will make your look last longer. Just be careful that you’re not using too much product at once, as this can lead to residue or a sticky feeling. Practice makes perfect.

Hack #5 Use the double coating or backcombing technique

This is probably the biggest game-changer and an amazing hack for any brow styling product, and it’s so simple! Instead of brushing your brows straight into shape, start by brushing the soaped spoolie through your brows in a downwards (if you’re using transparent brow soap) or sidewards motion (if you’re using tinted brow soap). Alternatively, you can brush your brows from the tail towards the front (horizontally) against the growth pattern. The reason this double coating technique works so well is it thoroughly coats all brow hairs with the product from both sides. This will help with the staying power and add more volume to the individual hairs, making the brow look thicker as a whole. An ultimate hack for achieving long-lasting fluff volume and an overall more bushy look.

Good to know: always brush in one direction and avoid brushing back and forth as this can pull out your brow hairs. 

Our tip: Using the tip of the brush will give you more control and a cleaner application for natural-looking fluffy, feathered brows.

Brown Soap Booster

Transparent Soap Booster

Hack #6 Wait until the soap becomes tacky

Once your brow hairs are coated, give the product a couple of seconds (5-15 seconds) to settle in and become tacky. Why? If you go straight into styling your brows, they might fall back into their original shape before drying. If the product is slightly tacky, you can still shape your brows, but once shaped, the product will dry and hold your brows in shape.

Hack #7 Apply more pressure

Depending on the pressure you apply while styling your brows, you can create a more natural or fully laminated look. Simply experiment with different pressures and brushing techniques to see what gives you the best hold.

Hack #8 Use the lamination trick

Once your brows are styled, use your finger or the wooden side of the brush and press your brows against your skin. This will give them a sleek laminated brow look and set your brows in place – all day. If you're going for a more natural look, simply brush through your brows again to slightly loosen them up again.

The takeaway

Once you've mastered the application of soap brows, your brows won't go anywhere. Trust us, they will last throughout your morning at work, midday shopping, evening sports and even late-night parties. Just remember, practice makes perfect. Take your time and experiment with the application, moisture, and product amount. If you need a little extra help, you can always contact us or schedule a free 1:1-call with our brow experts.